Bureau Link Safety Management Consultancy (BLSMC) & Bureau Link Occupational Safety Training (BLOST) are Independent and pre-eminent professional services organization Established in 2017 that provides International & local industrial Training, Workplace Safety, and Consulting program, planning and implementation. 

We are a reputed quality training provider in our niche areas. We will come to your facility or job site to provide the highest level of Workplace Safety Training, and Workplace Safety Solutions, Safety Advice to help prevent workplace accidents and reduce occupational injuries to maximize Health and Safety Standards for organizations.

Bureau Link is a team of health and safety consultants and trainers providing support to a diverse range of customers both in the UAE and overseas since 2017. We can offer a broad range of accredited training courses at our premises in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, or at the client's premises.

At Bureau Link we believe that safety is not just a checkbox; it's a culture. Join us in our mission to make safety a priority in every workplace and community. Together, we can build a safer and more secure future.


To help industries and the public sector to prevent, manage and limit the consequences of undesirable incidents.


To create sustainable quality training programs so the center will always be the choice of our clients.


Health, Safety, Environment and Quality must come first in everything we do in our business. We will conduct our business at all times with integrity, transparency, strong ethical values and a commitment to serve. We will abide by the laws of the land. We believe that the most important asset of this company is its employees. Trust, respect, fairness and dignity shall be how we treat each other within the spirit of working together 


"Striving for a Safer Tomorrow, One Training at a Time" encapsulates our dedication to making the world a safer place. We are committed to achieving this goal by providing comprehensive, high-quality training to individuals and organizations.