The BUREAU LINK SAFETY MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCY [BLSMC] & BUREAU LINK OCCUPATION SAFETY TRAINING [BLOST] are leading specialist in providing world class Safety Consultancy and training to global and regional approved standards.

BL aims to make a world class health, safety, environment and quality a way of life and reiterate out stand to our clients and staff that safety is a necessity and not a demand.

We have extensive experience in assisting industries to effectively obtain and maintain environmental, health, and safety compliance. We have worked to provide individual attention to our clients to guide them through the regulatory mazes and to address any Health and Environmental concerns. BL goal has been to provide our clients with strategies that reduce liabilities and comply with regulatory requirements at minimum cost.

We provide occupational safety advice for business, industry, construction and all organizations interested in safety on the job. Our safety consultants have broad experience across all business types. Our safety consultants will come to your facility or jobsite to provide the highest level of workplace safety advice, safety training and safety knowledge available. We provide  assistance and workplace safety solutions to help prevent workplace accidents and reduce occupational injuries.

Our clients are located across the UAE. Our clients range from small to large manufacturing facilities, hospitals, universities, government agencies, and commercial properties.

We are staffed to handle the full scope of Health and Environmental issues at these various facilities.


To help industries and the public sector to prevent, manage and limit the consequences of undesirable incidents.


To create sustainable quality training programs so the center will always be the choice of our clients.


Health, Safety, Environment and Quality must come first in everything we do in our business. We will conduct our business at all times with integrity, transparency, strong ethical values and a commitment to serve. We will abide by the laws of the land. We believe that the most important asset of this company is its employees. Trust, respect, fairness and dignity shall be how we treat each other within the spirit of working together